1. What products do you let out on lease?
Answer: See the details in the “Products” section.

2. Can I lease products from another supplier?
Answer: At present, IBT Leasing works only with companies within the group of Express Consult Holding.
The lease company gives the opportunity - you to choose an offer from another company in the computer sphere that you prefer, which company (with goodwill for concrete negotiation with IBT Leasing) can be confirmed as a supplier.

3. Can I repay the due lease amount earlier than contracted?
Answer: Yes, it is possible! There will be a scheme attached to the installment plan for earlier repayment of the contracted amount.

4. What is the rate of annual appreciation?
Answer: The appreciation varies from 9.5% to 13.46% and depends on the amount of the down payment and the leasing term.

5. Who pays the insurance and what does it cover?
Answer: We make general property insurance, covering all partial or full damages of the leased product. The insurance is paid by the customer.

6. What is the maximum leasing term which you offer?
Answer: The maximum term of the lease contract is 12 months.

7. Where can I obtain the prices of the equipment that IBT Leasing offers?
Answer: Please read carefully through

8. What should I do in order to lease the chosen equipment?
Answer: Please read carefully through “Procedure”.

9. How long is the procedure of concluding the lease contract and receiving the equipment?
Answer: The examination of your documents is completed within 7 (seven) working days. The term for receiving the equipment is negotiated with the supplier.

If you want to get extra information, to ask questions or make a recommendation, please use the feedback form.

We will answer to all of your questions with pleasure.

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