The company is established in 1991. Its occupation is directed to delivery and installation of wireless communication equipment for WLAN and WILL systems in 2.4/3.8/5.2/5.8GHz radio frequency band; LAN/WAN equipment; DVD compatible equipment for satellite Internet and multimedia applications; VSAT services and equipment.
All products are sold ex-warehouse and could be purchased on line via the companys web site and are delivered by express couriers to any points in Bulgaria within two working days. The client can buy all necessary equipment, material and installation for any WLAN/LAN or DVD application and service he needs.
Danubia 97 is an authorized representative and an authorized service of Karcher Germany since 1993.
The company is specialized in import, distribution and guarantee and out of guarantee service of the professional technique of Karcher.
Danubia 97 has a good service base in Sofia and qualified service specialists. It also keeps collaboration with trade and service partners in Plovdiv, Kardjali, Bourgas, Varna, Shoumen, Rousse and Pleven. It has a bigger variety of spare part in stock too.
At present the company has a completely equipped service, specialized only in maintenance of the professional machines Karcher. Its service specialists annually study in the Karchers center for Eastern Europe (Vienna, Austria).
DPS Bulgaria is established in 2001, with a main business activity in the sphere of the professional decisions for digital printing.
The company is a specialized partner of Hewlett Packard in Bulgaria in the section Wide Format Digital Printing.
DPS Bulgaria offers the full gamut of HP professional printers and a rich variety of accessories for them in stock. For the convenience of our customers we offer lease sales, delivery to certain place, technique maintenance and stuff training.

In the company work high-qualified and experienced professionals in the course of the last tendency and technology in the sphere of digital printing.
DPS Bulgaria has worthily gained its position of a straight business partner, working with over a hundred companies (using digital and wide format printing technologies) among which are the greatest companies in Bulgaria.

Express Consult is a company with stable positions and established name on the IT Market in Bulgaria. The company is well experienced as a complex solutions provider, including design and supply of hardware total solutions; software development, including ERP, MIS and CAM systems; efficient solutions in the field of communications and system integration; service and maintenance; training.
Express Consult has twelve years history and experience in the development and implementation of reliable high-tech information solutions. In 2001, our partner has the highest operational income in the industry, according to IDC IT TOP 1002001 survey for Bulgaria.
IBT Leasing serves customers on the territory of the entire country through the developed network of regional offices of its partner Express Consult.

Impex Bulgaria is an independent company from the group of Express Consult Holding, established in 1996 with a basic subject of activity distribution and service.
Dealers of Impex Bulgaria are over 200 companies in the whole country.
The products of the company that Impecs Bulgaria offers are worldwide guarantee standard for quality.
Impex Bulgaria works directly with producers of computer equipment and has concluded contracts for sale and service on the area of Bulgaria with the following companies:
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) a commissioned distributor of AMD in Bulgaria PC processors AMD K6-2, K6-III, AMD Athlon;
CHAINTECH COMPUTERS CO a commissioned distributor and service in Bulgaria motherboards and video cards.
COMPAQ COMPUTERS CORP. a commissioned distributor and service in Bulgaria desktop computers, notebooks, servers, monitors and others.
KINGSTON Technology Corp. a commissioned distributor and service in Bulgaria network equipment, modules RAM UPGRADE for all known producers of computers and peripherals.
PHILIPS Consumer Electronics a commissioned distributor and service in Bulgaria Monitors (CRT, LCD), CD-ROM, CD-RW,DVD, multimedia.
TOSHIBA Europe GmbH. a commissioned distributor and service in Bulgaria desktop computers, notebooks, monitors, accessories.
The company exists since 1996 and is specialized in selling and maintenance of computer equipment. With a view of complete satisfaction of the needs of its customers, in the company is formed a software section, which purpose is to offer complete, finished decisions in the sphere of the information technology. At present the company has offices and service centers in Bourgas, Stara Zagora and Sofia, and a shop in Bourgas. The company also has a team of high-qualified specialists.

A member of Microtech Group, in the Bulgarian IT sphere Microtech Bulgaria is determined as a young fast developing company. The general activity is a direct import and wholesale of the computer components assembling and computer centers equipment.
Microtech Bulgaria has an advanced trade net in Sofia and the whole country. The other service goes with the firm policy of propriety, professionalism, quick deliveries and remunerative price conditions.

The main purpose of the company is to give high-speed and qualitative Internet access to firms, companies and final customers.
The basic strategy of the company is the individual method with the customers, the professional attitude to the work and the honest collaboration.
The company is well up basically in giving of specific decisions for the building of local or corporative nets through Internet / Internet information circle.
Multilink works out completely and keeps Internet shops. In its various activity includes projecting, development, maintenance and publishing of company and personal WEB pages.
Multilink has its due specialists in the field of the computer systems, system maintenance, communications and information systems and strives to offer decisions, based on the newest technologies.
During its decennial history Persy has established as a company satisfying the requirements of the customers of high - class computer systems. Its team is formed from high qualified young specialists. The computer systems, produced by Persy are with the reserved trademark of STINGER and are famous with a good proportion price productivity.
Persy has a modern and steady technique for eliminating technical problems. High qualified specialists represent its service system and it is developed in Sofia and big district centers in the country.
PSP Computers is established in 1994. The company starts its activity with the creation of a program for watching the distribution of the guarantee cards and a program for database with the store sales, which give the opportunity to insert a bonus system for encouraging. PSP succeeds to enter quickly in the IT market and to confirm as a stable dealer of the producers and the distributors of computer technique in Bulgaria. The company has a wealthy of products: Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, 3Com, IBM, Microsoft and others.
Because of the increased faith and the huge number of customers, the company is also specialized in accessories supply, purchase and upgrade of computers. Later this becomes the basic activity of PSP Computers. Involving many-sided specialists, guarantees the broader spectrum of the offered services: web design, administration of LINUX servers, network administration, consultation and others.
PSP Computers has a wide range of specialists, whose knowledge, experience, conscientiousness and inventiveness ensure a short term of reaction, flexibility and guaranteed decision of the problems. The huge auto park of the company lets the specialists to reach quickly the customers, notwithstanding their locality. The service technicians on duty are available 24 hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday.
The company is established in 2003. The honest attitude, the qualitative service and the effective reaction of its team shortly ensure the company a competitive and approved position in the Bulgarian IT market.
Up to now Saint Solutions has specialized in purchase of computer systems, graphic working stations, servers, POS terminals and components, local network setup; service and subscription support of the computer technique.

Stens is a dynamic developing company reliable and correct business partner for complete integrated decisions in the IT sphere. The mutating customers needs are satisfied through professional versatility. The technical and managing experience of the company is turned on supporting a constant dialogue customer supplier.
A new company, but with serious place in the Bulgarian market for information technologies. The company is narrow specialized in the field of the wholesale and small trade with computers, peripherals, components and equipment for them, as well as guarantee and out of guarantee service, and Internet cable supply.
Since Storm Computers is formed, it is reserved with the presentation of world-famous trademarks at the Bulgarian market. The production gamut of the company is various, including commodity from all of the grand producers.
Besides its specialization and in order totally to satisfy the needs of its customers, Storm Computers forms a team of young, ambitious and not in the last place high- qualified specialists.
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