1. The customer makes an enquiry to a supplier from the structure of Express Consult and Comsyst or their dealers, or to another preferred by the customer company in the computer sphere;

2. The commissioned agents of the supplier work out an offer, in which the following parameters are reflected: type of equipment, specification; price per unit; term and conditions of delivery; warranty period service, total value with VAT;

3. Based on the supplier’s offer, IBT Leasing prepares a lease offer and proposes it to the customer;

4. After accepting the lease offer, the customer submits the required documents and pays a fee for Evaluation and Financial - legal analysis;

5. The experts of IBT Leasing examine and analyze the bargain on the basis of the documents submitted by the customer, and within five working days come up with a position on the deal;

6. If the deal is accepted, the customer receives an invitation to sign the contract and the corresponding annexes;

7. The customer becomes familiar with the documents and both sides sign the contract;

8. The lease equipment is insured by an insurance company designated from IBT Leasing;

9. IBT Leasing informs the supplier of the concluded contract and guarantees the payment of the equipment;

10. The supplier delivers the equipment, object of the leasing contract, to the customer;

11. The customer signs a “D&A” to attest the full delivery of technology, according to the lease contract;

12. IBT Leasing pays to the supplier the total cost of the equipment;

13. Having promptly and regularly paid the lease installments, upon the settlement of the last payment, the customer becomes an owner of the technology.

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