A/ Juridical persons

 Presentation of the company – general information of its present activity, future plans, experience and positions in the industry. It is necessary to describe the use of the leasing object, motives for the lease, as well as expected results.

 Copy of the manager’s ID

 Criminal conviction certificate from the manager (if applicable)

 All court decisions

 Original certificate of registration issued by court

 Copy of BULSTAT registration (two sided)

 Copy of tax registration

 Copies of annual reports – (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) for the past two years

 Bank reference or Bank statement

 Copy of repayment schedules for other credits

 Rent contacts (Certificate of ownership) for the real estate housing the lease object

 Copy of VAT registration (if applicable)

 Security contact at the address of housing the lease object

 Other documents reflecting the position and the activity of the companies applying for leasing (if applicable)

B/ Physical persons

 Copy of ID

 Criminal conviction certificate (if applicable)

 Declaration on Article 182 of the Tax Procedure Act, from the municipality

 Job certificate for the net monthly earnings for the last six months

 Other income documents (fees, rents and others)/if applicable

 Information for the address of housing of the equipment

 Copy of the rent contact (certified by a notary public) or the notary deed

 Copy of the security contract – if there is such

 Other documents reflecting the position and the activity of the one applying for leasing (if applicable).

The lease contract with physical persons is indispensably guaranteed by one warrantor and all documents described above are also required for the warrantor.

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