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IBT Leasing is established in the end of 2001. Our lease company has an explicit conception, great potential and stable resources. Our activity is focused on financing projects in the IT sphere.

Our drive is the desire to offer you a perfect service. Our general goal is to help you acquire the needed computer equipment through financial lease.

Despite its short history, IBT Leasing has the unique potential of knowledge and experience of its experts in the field of lease activity.

Our customers are over fifty respectful Bulgarian companies as M&M Militzer & Munch BG Ltd, Ficosota Ltd and Ficosota Syntez Ltd, David Holding Plc, Stoa Monolit Ltd, NetIsSat Ltd, Unipharma Ltd, SoftcomNet Ltd and others.

Comments in the press:
“e-Week”, 6th – 12th of December, 2002.
IBT Leasing offers comfortable lease conditions.

“Cash”, 6th – 12th of December, 2002.
One year IBT Leasing.

“Computers”, 9th – 15th of December, 2002.
Orlin Kolev: We don’t depend on a fixed supplier.

“InfoWeek”, 9th – 15th of December, 2002.
IBT Leasing reaches one million BGN in its first year.

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